Breaking News: Updates on Cuba Travel Restrictions

Many people have started to ask me about what is happening with these new announcements about travel to Cuba. I am trying to respond to everyone as quickly as possible, and I will make additional posts soon. For now, please know that if you have already started to purchase flights or a package, you will still be able to go....and that if you have NOT started to purchase flights or a package, you will ALSO still be able to go... just make sure you have a program that is under one of the remaining license categories.

The most important thing right now is to spread the word "YOU CAN STILL GO TO CUBA".

Our president is good at using PR to scare people. Millions of everyday Cuban citizens who have nothing to do with politics will suffer if we listen to him. I have great respect for the many organizations and individuals that are standing up to him, and continuing to make ethical Cuba Travel enjoyable, legal and possible. We will continue to do so as well.

For more information on the laws changed today, I have included an informative post from one of our colleagues

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