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JULY 20- 25, 2017

Experience Music and Culture in Cuba

* Cultural immersion * Historical Perspective * Authentic Exchange *

This tour is the most popular program for the artist, the traveler, and cultural enthusiast alike -- designed as a special blend of people-to-people exchanges and workshops allowing each participant to explore Cuban arts and culture from every angle. It includes amazing opportunities for dance, music, and photography workshops tailored to your level and experience as well as exciting exchanges with artists and entrepreneurs throughout the island.


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Tour Highlights

Tour Highlights
  • Enjoy personalized dance or music workshops from friendly, knowledgeable professionals who will help you feel the Cuban rhythms with the greatest of ease... whatever your level of experience!

  • Meet celebrated artists and view their art, in their home studios and at local crafts markets

  • Visit important historical locations including Old Havana and other UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as urban and rural Cuban living environments

  • Open exchange and dialogue with Cubans who share some of the same interests as you … learn directly from them about their every-day lives, opinions, and goals for the future.

  • Experience Cuba’s natural beauty as it connects to the Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon, accompanied by experts in Afro-Cuban traditions...from the ocean and the river, to the forest and the mountain.

  • Exchange with professional dancers and artists in styles such as Afro-Cuban, Cuban Contemporary and Cuban Salsa as you take your skill-set to a whole new level!

  • Learn about the cultural history of Cuba through the Cuban Panorama: An interactive show revolving around traditional and popular dances!

  • Experience an inside look into the world-famous Cuban arts & culture scene, including opportunities to witness breath-taking performances.

What's Included in All Program Packages

What's Included
  •  Daily Breakfast in your casa

  • Airport Transfers (*must arrive by designated time to take advantage of pre-arranged group airport transfers) 

  • Welcome & Farewell meal & activities

  • Accommodation in an approved MetaMovements Casa Particular  (Click to learn more about casa particulares)

  • Transportation to all included programmed activities

  • MetaMovements letter of certification that your program will meet all current US and Cuban regulations.

  • Pre-tour briefing & information sessions

  • Knowledgeable, friendly MetaMovements Tour Leader

  • On-the-ground support from knowledgeable, friendly MetaMovements Tour Liaison and expert Cuban Guides and Hosts

  • 24 hour emergency assistance available during the trip

  • Translation for non-Spanish speaking travelers

  • Full time daily schedule of activities, approximately 6 to 8 hours of activities

Land Package Options

Land Package Options

Choose from two different options to satisfy your budget needs!

Cuba on a Budget

You've asked and we've answered! Alfred of Rhythmology heard you loud and clear that you were ready to enjoy all that MetaMovements has to offer, while not breaking the bank. Fortunately for many years we have been developing an economical option for travel.


We spoke to many members of the industry at length -- & focused all our trip costs on what makes our programs so special: one of a kind activities for dancers & cultural enthusiasts, wonderful friendships with interesting locals, and the authentic Cuban experience! We cut down on expenses by finding modest & comfortable homes with fewer amenities and boiling down all the expenses to only what you need -- so you can choose what you'd like to spend your extra dollars on.


Not sure if this option is right for you?

Our hosts on the ground asked that we caution any person choosing the economic option that flexibility and an open mind is key when it comes to travelling cheaply to Cuba. Keep in mind that Cuba has recently exited an economic depression -- and while it's economy is rapidly growing, not every home has caught up to this boom. Think youth hostels in Europe or roadside motels in the US -- you'll have a place to rest your head and take a shower, but no mints on your pillows at night!


Have questions?

Talk to your MetaMovements Liaison to learn more!

Also Included in the Cuba on a Budget Package

  • All Items listed in the What's Included section

  • Accommodations in modest Cuban homes

     (casa particulares).

     Click here to see sample images of modest homes or to           learn more about about casa particulares.)

  • Welcome + Farewell Meal & Event

  • All other meals (except 3 meals)

Comfort Cuba

We know that some folks would rather spend a little extra to afford additional amenities and support. In this offering we'll be setting you up in luxury Cuban Homes -- while there are few spaces in Cuba that can rival the 5 star hotels of NYC... these spaces are gorgeous, comfortable, and run by wonderful hosts. In this option you'll enjoy additional support from our staff, upscale meals, effective climate control in your rooms, and a level of housing that is closer to what you’d experience at a 3-4 star hotel.


Our hosts on the ground had advice for our traveler in this case as well -- while tourism booms in Cuba: the infrastructure has less upkeep than the rest of the world. With more income -- certain amenities and accommodations are newly available! However, there are still socioeconomic realities in Cuba that create circumstances that can seem inconsistent with what we in the US would categorize as “Luxury” -- Enjoy your beautiful, clean bathroom decorated with custom artistic tiling…. but make sure not to flush any toilet paper in that toilet!


Have questions?

Talk to your MetaMovements Liaison to learn more!

Also Included in the Comfort Cuba Package

  • All Items listed in the What's Included section

  • Stay with Alfred in Upgraded accommodations in upscale Cuban homes (casa particulares).

      Click here to see sample images of upscale homes or to learn          more about about casa particulares.)

  • Welcome + Farewell Meal & Event

  • All other meals + 1 national beverage (except 2 meals)

  • 1 Private Lesson/ Workshop

  • Your own tailored coaching assessment in your dance style & level

  • Tailored coaching throughout the week!

Program Costs & Deadlines

Program Costs

Land Package Price

Cuba on a Budget

Comfort Cuba

$1899 (Regular)

$2599 (Regular)

Deposit must be placed by  

(Jun 25, 2017)

Deposit must be placed by

 (Jun 25, 2017)

** Based on Double Occupancy **

NOTE: Single room upgrade will automatically be added to your program if registering as a single traveler & we are unable to assign a roommate)

Regular Registration  (Jun 15-25)

Late Registration (June 26 or later)

Optional Add-ons

*Single room upgrade        


NOTE:  Will  automatically be added to your program if registering as a single traveler  & we are unable to assign a roommate)

*Program Extension

Contact us for details

*Flight & Visa Booking & Coordination

Contact us for details

Not Included / Other Costs


* Price varies based on departure location and vary daily

* MetaMovements offers a service to research & book flight on your behalf


* Price varies based on airline (~$75-$120)

* Where available, MetaMovements offers a service to book visa on your behalf

Cuban Health Insurance

* Typically priced between $25-$50

* Sometimes included in cost of flight

Tips & Gratuities

* MetaMovements will provide typical ranges


​ Spending money

* Additional food and beverages and activities (outside of program)

* Varies from traveler to traveler, spending guide available upon request!

How To Register

How to Register

* Complete an application <HERE>

* Place a deposit <HERE>

* Select Rhythmology

* Let us know if you'd like MM to book your flight

* Complete an interest survey <HERE>

* Stay tuned via email & Facebook for updates!

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