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Excited? Nervous? Or just plain curious?  We understand!


With so much information in the news, these are truly exciting and unprecedented times!


We are here to guide you and assist you through the entire process and in doing so, have answers to some of your most popular questions!

Cultural Connections Program FAQs
What Kinds of Travel Do You Offer? ....  


We offer a variety of travel opportunities, from People-to-People exchanges, to dance, music & photography workshops & performances -- there are a world of possibilities!  Interested in customized group or individual travel- we have options for you as well!

When Can I Go? ....  


We offer multiple programs throughout the year!  Please take a look at our Tour Dates page for more information on all of our upcoming programs!

Can I Extend My Stay? ....  


Yes.  Americans can stay up to 30 days on a typical visa.  We can assist you in creating a program for your additional time in Cuba (for accommodations, programming, meals and more!)

What Will A Typical Day Look Like? ....  


Under current US law, travelers are required to engage in a reasonable full time schedule of programming.   Our programs are designed with your interests in mind, though some of our activities are so popular from trip to trip that they have become a staple of our programming!  To get an idea of just a small slice of "a day in the life", please read our Sample Schedule.

Traveling to Cuba FAQs
It's Beachtime! Right?....  


No.... Under current US regulations, travel to Cuba is allowed provided it is through 1 or more of 12 authorized activities.  You must agree to take part in a full-time schedule and abide by the license requirements set by the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).  With MetaMovements Cultural Connections Travel Programs, you will travel to Cuba on a People-to-People license

Is It Safe?...


Cuba has a very low crime rate.  As with all foreign travel, it is always wise to be aware of one's surroundings and take care of petty crimes, such as pickpocketing, but overall, Cuba is very safe for travel.

Can I Book My Own Flight?...


Yes!  In the past, those traveling from the US were only allowed to fly via charter flights organized through authorized travel providers, however, as of Dec 2016, this has changed!

Currently, there are several airlines that fly between multiple cities in the US and Cuba.  When you travel with MetaMovements, we will recommend flight arrival times that coincide with airport transfers (when appropriate).  You can then look for flight options that best fit your needs & budget.

Or, you can save the time & effort searching for flights and have us book the flight for you!  MetaMovements can purchase the flight on your behalf for a nominal fee.

Money & Credit Cards... How Does It Work?...


Currency- The CUC or (Cuban Convertible Currency) is 1 of 2 currencies used on the island.  It is the currency that you will use in Cuba.  The other currency, CUP (Cuban peso) is only used by Cubans.


Exchange- Yes, once in Cuba, you may exchange currency at the airport, hotels and currency exchange bureaus.  You will need proper identification (i.e. passport) to be able to exchange currencies.  Please note, due to the current embargo, a tariff of ~ 10-12% (approx 0.87 CUC to 1 USD) is assessed to all USD to CUC conversions in Cuba.  CUCs are not available for exchange outside of Cuba.  You must exchange your currency to CUCs upon arrival in Cuba.  Conversly, if you have excess CUCs upon departure, you must convert them before you leave Cuba.


Credit cards- Many publications have stated that as of 2015, MasterCard has begun to be accepted by certain vendors in Havana.  However, with the exception of European based credit card issuers, we have not found US based cards being accepted on the island, hence, we continue to recommend that travelers bring sufficient US dollars (or other currency) for the duration of their stay.

Internet & Phone?  How Do I Stay Connected?...


Internet/Wifi-  Improving rapidly!  Many hotels & WiFi parks offer WiFi service, which require you to purchase a WiFi access card.  The cards are usually in 1 hour increments and vary from ($3-$8/hr).  Please note, while the situation is improving, coverage may still be limited and speeds may be much slower.


Phones-  Currently, US phones do not work for phone or data service while in Cuba.  The situation is changing every day, so we'll certainly keep you updated!  You can make phone calls from the hotel (usually about $1/minute).  




The current is 220v.  You will need to bring a power converter when traveling from the US.  We recommend you bring both British (3 prong) and European (2 prong) adapters.  In addition, if you are bringing US electronics with 3 prongs- be sure to bring a 3 prong to 2 prong adapter!


Let's Get Started!  Here's how...



!Step 1: Check us Out 

MetaMovements has been doing this work for many years and we pride ourselves in offering trips that are not only engaging, but authentic, significant, and positively impactful on not only the Cuban Citizens, but our travelers as well. 


Don't just take our word for it though!


Learn more about what we offer by visiting our testimonials page and watching a video


Ready to go?  Check out our Tour Dates  to understand the options we offer for your travel to Cuba...


Step 2: Begin your journey!

Fill out the MetaMovements Cultural Connections Application Form to select which options excite you the most.


This is our first step at getting to know you to build your custom experience in Cuba! Use these questions to reflect on what draws you to this amazing island... and we'll help create the experience you want!

Step 3: Connect with our team!

Based on your answers on the interest form, you will be matched with the program consultant with the right experience and skill sets to develop the program that's best for you!


A MetaMovements Program Consultant will contact you to get you started.


Contact us directly if you have any questions.

Step 4: Reserve your spot! It's simple!

When you're ready to register, let us know!


* Place a deposit: $500 (non-refundable)


* Fill out the application forms with your method of choice:  online, over the phone, by mail or in person at one of our events.

Step 5: Get ready for the journey of a life time!

We will then connect you with Marazul, the licensed Travel Service Provider.  They will arrange for your flight to Cuba, your Cuban visa, and accommodations on the island.  They will also invoice you for the remainder of your payment.


Your MetaMovements Program Consultant will stay in touch through emails, phone calls and information sessions, to ensure that you have everything you need leading up to your trip.

Step 6: Travel & Post-Trip Follow Up

Journey to this amazing island!!


Upon your return, your MetaMovements Program Consultant will be in touch to get your feedback and welcome you to our Alumni family.


Share your experiences through testimonials and more... and keep engaging with the Cuban spirit through our stateside cultural events, classes, and performances!

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