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Become a MetaMovements Cultural Connections

Travel Programs Ambassador

Join us in building meaningful relationships across borders

About CCTP Ambassadors...

An easy way to support Cuban artists and arts-lovers who are working to preserve their culture, while helping yourself and your community at the same time!


Our travel programs to Cuba are not simply a tour or a vacation, they are avenues to support & engage Cuban citizens during this special time of increased exchange between Cuba and the United States. Many of the people we work with in Cuba have expressed concern that we have a window of 1-2 years that will determine what happens to their culture.

As Cuba has entered this delicate state of improving relations with more Americans traveling to the island...the type of travel that MetaMovements provides, is the one that Cuban citizens are asking for! Meaning: travel that celebrates the arts, music, dance, culture, and community building among the Cuban and American citizens.

Why CCTP Ambassador?

Join our family and experience a life-changing transformation in Dance & Music!  We, at MetaMovements, are proud to offer Cultural Connections Travel Programs. The programs are designed for dance, music and arts lovers of all ages and abilities, as well as to provide a variety of educational activities and people to people contact with Cubans who share the same passion for cultural exchange!


One of the most important facets to the continued growth of this program is authenticity.  How is this achieved?  Through a network of supporters, such as yourself, who collaborate with us to spread the word!  To achieve this goal, we believe collaboration is key.  


As such, MetaMovements strives to create not only memorable experiences for program participants, but also opportunities for those who help make such experiences possible!   Hence, the Cultural Connections Travel Programs Ambassador Program was created.

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Build Friendships Abroad!

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Serve your global community!

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